Arab Superheroes Take Flight

user submitted pictureEveryone deserves a superhero to call their own. AK Comics has launched the the first Arab caped wonder known as Zein, a masked marvel in tights “who is endowed with supernatural strength and a mission to ‘fight evil until the end of time.'” We admit that we assumed an Arab comic would be a vehicle for Israel-hating propaganda, and we tempted to throw up the Jew signal to call upon Menorah Man and the rest of the Jewish Hero Corps. But Marwan Nashar, AK’s managing director out of Cairo, asserts that the Last Pharaoh and his desert-dwelling cohorts mean only to promote truth and justice in the world:
“Islamic liberals who have long preached tolerance lament that their religion is tarred by extremists and by Westerners who contend that the Osama bin Ladens of the world represent a whole culture.”
Indeed, any direct mention of religion is conspicuously absent from the comics. A note in one issue explains why: “The religious backgrounds of the heroes remain undisclosed so that no religion or faith can be perceived as better than another.” Now that’s a heroic value.

5 thoughts on “Arab Superheroes Take Flight

  1. I applaud their effort to keep the Arab comic secular. I agree that extremists in any religion can ruin the reputation to the largely ignorant public. Also, how do you guys always find stuff like the Jewish Hero Corps? That was a hilarious page, you Jmerica people are great at fishing out all facets of our Jewish culture.

  2. why is it called AK comics? I’m not ragging on the Arabs but, AK? LMAO! AK47? Sounds a little similar there buddies! I’m might just say that they are obsessed with the weapon, or maybe it was a subconcious / habitiual occurance. AK! wow thats rich…

  3. Chico you can’t spell. I see nothing wrong with the name or the books, they look professionally done. I wish them the best actually.

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