Anti-Semitic Iranian TV…Whoda Thunkit?, a D.C.-based research institute that provides translations of Middle Eastern media and objective analysis therein, gives us a glimpse of what we’re missing on Iranian basic cable:

An Iranian sci-fi film titled “The Land of Wishes,” part of a series, which aired on Iranian Channel 1 on October 20, 2006. In it, an evil queen, adorned with a large Star of David and sitting on a throne in the “Black House” (which is also marked with a Star of David) engages in a battle of “virtual warriors” with a young girl who seeks to free the masses the queen has enslaved. When the queen is defeated, her technicians die struggling to rescue a “medal” – also a Star of David.

It’s sort of a V Is For Vendetta meets The Protocols of the Elders of Zion with the production quality of those snail-paced, melodramatic Lost in Space episodes from the 50’s. Watch it here — it’s sort of hilarious, in a “if these people had access to acting lessons and decent screenwriters, maybe their culture wouldn’t be so backasswards” kind of way.

Not so funny is MEMRI’s translation of Ahmanijhad’s latest speech in which he claims that “America’s straw-like strength and satanic rule over the world is about to be annihilated” and that the Iranian people are willing to show us “the way to salvation” once we stop supporting the “murderous Zionists.” Considering the official opinion that Bush’s war strategies in Iraq might be a little, um, delusional, it seems that Iran and its crazy silver-tongued terrorist president are gaining a fast hold on the part of the world that would really like its Jewish neighbor to go b’bye, in a big “boom” kind of way.

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