Anne Frank Responds: I Coulda Been a Belieber If Only…

I got a little preoccupied with the awful tragedies of last week and just didn’t feel up to riffing on Justin Bieber’s unbelievably narcissistic entry in the guest book at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Besides, the immediate responses were just too good, especially Allison Kaplan Sommer’s “In Spite of Everything, I Still Believe Justin Bieber is Truly Good At Heart.

Let’s face it, Justin has lived in fame bubble most of his life and likely only has the emotional capacity to relate to the horrors of the Holocaust through his own overblown persona. He didn’t mean to do bad. C’mon, he says the “Sh’Ma” before every show.

Still, the boy needs a good schooling, and perhaps Jen Dodd is the one to give it to him. A theoretical physicist and science outreach director by day, Ms. Dodd does a pretty good Dutch accent:

What do you think? Too much?

(Yarmulke tip:

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