And Yet Another Reason To Hate Wal-Mart

user submitted picture So Wal-Mart ran an ad last week in the Arizona Daily Sun depicting Nazis burning books in order to show voters that not allowing one of their stires to swallow their local ecomony is akin to inviting Hitler over for tea.
But hey, it’s cool, the Jews have forgiven them.
The photo as produced in the newspaper ad was blurry but appeared to show civilians as well as soldiers tossing books onto a flaming pile. Above the photo was the phrase “Freedoms worth keeping.” Below the photo was a headline that read “Should we let government tell us what we can read?” “Of course not,” the ad continued, “So why should we allow local government to limit where we can shop?”
Yes, because not being able to fill your home with cheap crap made in China is just like having a horde of Aryan soldiers torch the libraries!
Maybe if Wal-Mart quit dumping money into retarded consulting firms and started caring for their workers, the wouldn’t have to run media damage control every five minutes.

*Note: this photo isn’t from the actual ad; Wal-Mart must’ve used their mighty powers to remove any trace of it from cyberspace.

6 thoughts on “And Yet Another Reason To Hate Wal-Mart

  1. Well said! What our people went through in that facist environment should not be used by corporations to justify their greed. The nerve of those people.

  2. they have no excuse. I looked up the site where the report says the PR firm got the photo and I did a search for “burning books” and saw 150 results with about a good 30 that could have been used instead. Also the photo is clearly marked “Nazis Burning Anti-German Literature in 1933.” No excuse, they are making a mockery of the pains suffered by the victims of the Nazis to promote corporate interests.

  3. Wal-Mart is the essence of corporate greed. I never shop there and i never will. Besides their offensive ad they destroy mom-and-pop businesses all over the US.
    Marcia in AZ

  4. Two thousand years from now when historians look back at our civilization Wal Mart will appear as a giant feeding trough on which everyone eventually became dependent and was slowly poisoned.

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