And The Oscar Will Not Be Going To…

alanarkinJTA’s Tom Tugend sums it up: “If a Jewish cabal supposedly runs Hollywood, it sure did a lousy job promoting its own for Academy Award nominations.”

Ah well, we can always root for Alan Arkin, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the world’s most disturbing grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine. And there’s the slight chance Borat will beat out its less offensive competitors for Best Adapted Screenplay.

But if you’re looking for Jewish Oscar coverage, you’d best stick to Esther’s on today’s Beliefnet.

2 thoughts on “And The Oscar Will Not Be Going To…

  1. I know it’s not on the Osacar’s radar but “Idiocracy” was a good lil’ surprise for me, just like “lil’ miss sunshine”. These are the movies that don’t get alot of attention and they sneak up on you. I prefer to discover these gems than to be bombarded with hype (ala “Pirates…”) and then later dissapointed in the theater.

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