And Now, The Next Installment Of “Your Bubbie Is Plotzing”

This is 17 year-old Lauren Rose – Jewish, British and uncomfortably Spears-like (circa 2003. Please, God, steer little Lauren away from that path.)

Ha’aretz reports this pop-schlock rendition has a decent chance of hitting No. 1 for Christmas, which is some kind of victory for our tribe. But is it good for the Jews if the rest of the world now believes that “Hava Nagila” translates to “Baby Let’s Dance”?

5 thoughts on “And Now, The Next Installment Of “Your Bubbie Is Plotzing”

  1. Even if her single fails to succeed, I’m sure her agent has received many requests from American parents for her to appear at their kid’s B’nai Mitvah. She will have a very nice college fund because of this.

    Connie Francis did this same song over 40 years ago for the world to hear. This version is no better or worse.

  2. Lil’ Ms. Yena, do I hate bein’ ol’ or whud
    (is that the internet gestapo I hear knocking at my door)? Pardon me while I pop a nitro
    under my tongue. But more seriously, it’s nice to hear this old bromide spiced up.

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