Amy W. To Make Her Mother Proud?

amynmanWell, well, well, for all her boobie tattoos and drunken sailor swearing, could it be that Amy Winehouse is just a traditional girl at heart? The tabloids are aflurry with the news that Judaism’s most badly behaved celebrity is engaged to on-again, off-again beau Blake Fielder-Civil after making him wait 24 hours before accepting his proposal. “He proposed at home a few days ago and I took a day to finally agree. Obviously we are both young and it is frightening.”

Perhaps even freakier is that she’s planning to marry him under the chuppah — Blake has converted to Judaism in what appears to be an instantaneous rabbinical transformation to accomodate this summer’s wedding date. Just s’long as you know ya don’t eat the broken glass after you stomp on it, you crazy kids.

Shenanigans aside, I stand by Amy’s Back to Black as one of the best albums in ages for all ages (um, that is, over the age of 18). I even downloaded it for my father-in-law for his birthday yesterday and let’s just say our musical tastes rarely collide. He was amazed and kept looking at the album cover. “How does this anemic-looking Jewish girl sound like a 300 pound black woman?” he kept asking — and you know you’re thinking the same thing. Just proves that soul knows no color, age or size.

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