After Chinese Food

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We decided we won’t be done partying after The Eve Party on the 24th. The following day, which we’re told is some sort of holiday for most people, we will be heading to Automatic Slims (Map) on South Beach in Miami after we eat Chinese. Anyone who has been there will tell you Slims is the best rock bar on the beach. The catch is that it’s pretty small, so get there EARLY (before 11). AS ALWAYS AT AUTOMATIC SLIMS, THERE IS NO COVER!!!

5 thoughts on “After Chinese Food

  1. IS that the White Trash Bar?? If it is I am there! I went to the Bar on Washington, Ave. When I was down in Florida and had the best time there. I met Paris Hilton. Wow, there is always celebrities there. I will go there after China Grille.

  2. never heard of it, but no cover is good enough for me. What’s the business about the chinese food? will it be free too? Whats the deal? Thanx.

  3. no, dude, you’re supposed to get your own chinese food first (because nothing else it open…get it?) and then come. Are you sure you’re Jewish?

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