A Jew For Dinner? Guess Not

user submitted pictureMSNBC reports that test audiences were so irked that Kabbalah boy Ashton Kutcher wore a red string in Guess Who that the producers spent “something like” $100,000 to digitally remove it. It was Ashton’s idea to make his character Jewish to add some laughs, but director Kevin Sullivan nixed all tribal references at the last minute because bringing racism and religious issues to the table was just too darn complicated for said test audiences. The movie, a modern reversal on the racially provocative 60’s film Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner starring Sidney Poitier, casts Ashton as a white (religiously ambiguous) dude courting the daughter of Bernie Mac. Sounds funny enough, but we’ll wait for the DVD release, but cinemaphiles can post their reviews here.

One thought on “A Jew For Dinner? Guess Not

  1. This Kabballah thing is mighty expensive, now it costs hollywood 100 Grand to remove the red string. G-d i hope the trend ends soon.

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