A Gleek And Proud of It

Being cable-deprived by choice, I don’t much keep up with the Gossip Children or the Kartrashians or whatever the kids are watching these days. But I came upon the pilot of “Glee” a few weeks ago on Hulu after mowing through every current episode of “The Daily Show” and OMG. Holy hilarity — high school angst plus show tunes? YES.

Since then I’ve caught up to the broadcasts on FOX, loving all the little threads of Jewishness (thanks, EstherK!) poking through the melodrama and Mariah Carey covers. I don’t even care how unlikely it is that there are actually three Jewish kids in a podunk Ohio high school; producer Ryan Murphy is bringing the tribe back to prime time.

Last night’s new episode killed it, starting with macho mohawk man Puck’s recounting of his family’s annual Simchas Torah tradition of watching “Schindler’s List” while eating TV dinners. Puck – short for Noah Puckerman — has been the quasi-villain up ’til now, tormenting the Glee Clubbers for their social outcastitude even while reaping the sexy rewards of membership. The sudden activation of his Jewish identity carves out a whole new valence shell to his character, and he’s almost adorable as he comes to the conclusion that the way to become a better Jew is to date the only other Jew he knows: Rachel, Glee Club diva and the object of his constant ridicule.

While she’s hardly a Nice Jewish Girl, Rachel ain’t that easy. She makes Puck prove himself a prince worthy of her talents. The result impresses everyone:

So glad they chose Neil Diamond over Barry Manilow. But something by David Lee Roth might’ve been more in keeping with the character. No matter – even though their parents’ might’ve approved, Puck and Rachel’s relationship was doomed by the end of the hour.

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  1. Arrgg! I missed all but the last few minutes of it because Bad Cohen commandeered the TV for some music premiere on OPB.

    Now I’ll have to hunt it down on hulu! 😉

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