A Boy and His Bling

Y’all know I’ll never win Jewish Mother of the Year, but we must be doing something right around here:

Yenta Boy, who in spite of spending a lot of time at St. Paul’s Church since his induction into the Savannah Children’s Choir has been begging for a Star of David to wear to school. (The choir does perform several songs in Hebrew, which IMHO balances out the fact that my kid now hangs out with Jesus on Monday afternoons.)

“There are like A HUNDRED kids who wear crosses in my class” (there are only 20 kids in the class, mind you) “and I just want everyone to know I’m Jewish.”

How awesome is it that a Jewish kid going to public school in the deep South wants to shout out his yid-dom?

I told him he’d have to wait until Chanukah, but last Sunday at the Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival (where El Yenta Man slaved over a vat of grease for six hours to satiate Savannah’s tremendous appetite for latkes) we found treasures at my favorite booth. Every year, the Mickve Israel Sisterhood donates all its old, tacky, unwanted jewelry and sells it on the cheap as a fundraiser – and you know NO ONE has crazy bling like old Jewish ladies, am I right?

For six bucks, I scored a three-strand, heavy gold chain locket that may have been owned by Mr. T’s grandmother, a ring designed to look like Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture but large and sharp enough to double as brass knuckles should I need to defend myself, and a silver Jewish star necklace the size of a child’s fist. Needless to say, you-know-who practically spilled his egg cream all over himself with joy.

So the boy is now out REPRESENTIN’ his peeps with the biggest, baddest piece of religious jewelry in the entire freakin’ school. He’s like a small, white, Jewish Flavor Flav, yo. Thanks to the yentas of the Sisterhood for kickin’ down!

Only problem now is that I have to come up with another Chanukah present. I really think he’ll dig this rhinestone-encrusted Israeli flag belt buckle, don’t you?

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