99 Bottles of Manischewitz on the Wall…?

I may have misheard, but last Thursday I swear Rabbi Leitner told all of us at the JEA Senior Lunch Bunch that everyone’s favorite Passover song, “Dayenu,” is actually a traditional German drinking tune.

I can’t find any Googliconfirmation of this – anyone?

In the meantime, I watched this entire You Tube movie about drunk Germans and didn’t hear a damn thing that sounded familiar.

5 thoughts on “99 Bottles of Manischewitz on the Wall…?

  1. Dear Head Yenta:

    You will not find any Google confirmation. They information is based on the History of Music and Ethnomusicology, and the thought is not original to me. Rather, it is validated by those how have studied German folk music of the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. You can still hear it in the “Om-pah” tunes plaid during Oktoberfest, if you have any desire to go to an Oktoberfest – which I do not. Glad is was provocative.


  2. Jessica-

    Further, the “Drunk Germans” have nothing to do with the ‘short pants, liederhosen, feather in the cap [dipped in blood if the wearer has killed a wild ????? forgive me if I forget]’ tradition associated with this kind of ‘traditional’ German music.

    Go Yo Yenta!


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