25 Questions for a Jewish Mother

judy goldNo, it’s not one of those meme thingies that no one ever sends me.

It’s a one-woman show starring Emmy award-winning comedian Judi (or “Jewdy” as she signs herself on her site) Gold, described as a “comic’s personal journey to find love, laughter and acceptance as a Jewish mother with two kids and a nagging Jewish mother of her own.” Um, if I was paranoid, I’d think she’s been spying on me. But I’m not. So stop following me.

Anyway, Ms. Gold’s got quite a resume, from writer at The Rosie O’Donnell Show to sharing the smut with the greats in The Aristocrats, so I’m sure she’ll give the Jewish Mother Experience appropriately snarky treatment. She and playwright Kate Moira Ryan interviewed 50 Jewish mothers around the country over five years to figure out what makes a modern Jewish mother, just in case we’re not all exactly alike. (Guess that 51st set of questions meant for the Yenta got lost in the mail or blue hair was just too far off the curve?)

The show, which opens in Manhattan Jan. 18, hasn’t been reviewed yet and due to geographical limitations, I won’t be previewing it, but I’m dying to know what the 25 Questions are!

If anyone finds out and wants to tag me with a meme, I’d be delighted…

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