Mazel Tov to the Happy Couple

1256575987_ivanka-wedding-290I’m not one to get all goobely over celebrity weddings, but I must admit I gave a twittery little sigh when I saw Ivanka Trump’s lovely dress.

The supermodel-socialite-badass businesswoman-newly minted Member of the Tribe married New York Observer owner-every Jewish mother’s dream Jared Kushner last weekend in a “lavish but tasteful” Orthodox ceremony, and according to Barbara Walters, Ivanka’s dad The Donald kept it low-key.

Naturally, halachic decorum dictates modesty for a bride, and designer Vera Wang “seized on the chance” to create a gown for a celebrity that wasn’t a white satin bikini with a train, i.e. something with sleeves. Does this mean we’ll see Carmen Electra with a high collar and lace to her wrists at her next wedding? Vera Wang adores the idea of starting a modesty trend: “Nothing would make me happier. I’ve been doing strapless dresses for 15 years. It’s tiring.”

Both bride and designer were inspired by the gown Grace Kelly wore when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco. Princess Grace’s demure style inspired my mother’s generation to wear white gloves and keep their stockings straight, and Ivanka’s influence just might set the bar a little higher for wedding day beauty.

You never thought you’d hear it from the Yenta, but I think the new Mrs. Kushner actually gives the term “Jewish Princess” a classy connotation.

7 thoughts on “Mazel Tov to the Happy Couple

  1. Ivanka is many things but is definately not a Jew. More like shiksa plastic surgery victim. Ivanka had a fraudulent converison for the reason of marriage which=phony Jew.

  2. I’m kvelling! They look gorgeous! And, I say welcome anyone who converts and goes through what we make them fo through with the studying, rituals and mikvah. She’s Jewish and I think that’s great. The dress is very classy.

  3. Ivanka’s not Jewish! It’s well-known that her express phony “conversion” was done just so she could marry Jared. The so-called “Orthodox” Rabbi is known for doing phony conversions for marriage and money.

    I don’t know how you can call her an “observant and enthaustic Jew”. That’s an absolutely joke. Ivanka dresses like a hoochie and is not remotely observant.

    Ivanka’s phony conversion violated Halacha. It’s an absolute disgrace. No real Jew excepts Ivanka’s “conversion” as being valid. Ivanka needs to go back to church where she belongs and take Jared with her.

  4. And I dont think there is something wrong with her converting to marry Jared. She is one woman who does not dress like a hoochie as you call it!!! She is an inspiration, kick ass business woman and at her age doing amazingly well.
    I went to a jewish school and there are “real” jews who give us a bad name, who dont practice in any way, who dont keep shabbat…. so if she wants to join our tribe all the better we are for having her in it! Miss Trump you’re welcome!.

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