Best Party of 2004- The Eve Party

The Eve Party The Eve Party It was a simple equation… Jmerica + AJAX Entertainment + Crobar + 1400 great looking people = The Eve Party. And let us just say it was a BLOWOUT to rival any party in the country, any day of the year. We want to give a HUGE shoutout to the crews from the ADL, AJC/YPN, Young President’s Club of Mount Sinai Medical Foundation and Park Avenue Entertainment for coming out. They were treated to bartenders and dancers in Junkfood fashions serving up drinks with 42 Below vodka. But don’t believe us- the night was documented in pictures by, or if you prefer a more artistic approach, Tomas Loewy. Jmerica’s own photographer was hard at work as well so check our Events page for even more shots. If you missed it, at least now you know where you’ll be December 24th, 2005- The Eve Party!!!
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Zaftig? Try the Kosher South Beach Diet!

user submitted pictureYou knew this was coming, especially with all the weight people are putting on around the holidays. Rabbi Morris Allen of Mendota Heights wanted to shed some pounds, so he started the South Beach diet and made it kosher. Turns out it worked for him and he shed quite a few pounds. Now apparently, this is a pretty popular low-carb diet. Funny, some of us Jmericans live in Miami and we thought the South Beach diet was cocaine and Power Bars. You learn something new everyday. The picture is from the website of one of our favorite Boston eateries, Zaftig’s.

Goin’ Dark

Blog posts will be spotty for the rest of 2004 as the main typing hands of this collective consciousness known as Jmerica escape to DSL-deprived regions of the world. We’ll miss you, but we’ll be back soon with the latest Jews in the news and a refreshed attitude.

Such A Shaynah Maidele, Nu?

user submitted pictureWe know we always scoff at movie versions of our favorite books, but we’re definitely looking forward to the adaptation of Herman Wouk’s Marjorie Morningstar, a timeless comng-of-age novel about a Jewish girl who hits it big in Hollywood. Of couse, it’s already been done; back in 1958 Natalie Wood starred in a humdrum, ethnically-downplayed production, but this time they’re actually using a Jewish actress: double Golden Globe nominee Scarlett Johansson. (Don’t let the Danish moniker fool you, this brainy babe is Jewish on her mom’s side.)

After Chinese Food

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We decided we won’t be done partying after The Eve Party on the 24th. The following day, which we’re told is some sort of holiday for most people, we will be heading to Automatic Slims (Map) on South Beach in Miami after we eat Chinese. Anyone who has been there will tell you Slims is the best rock bar on the beach. The catch is that it’s pretty small, so get there EARLY (before 11). AS ALWAYS AT AUTOMATIC SLIMS, THERE IS NO COVER!!!

Dissin’ “A Bissel Rap”

user submitted pictureAww, shucks, SomethingJewishUK harshes on Joel Moss and his Bissel Rap in this week’s Super 7, saying that “while we respect his good intentions, his attempt to break into the Jewish rap…is just embarrassing, and brings back bad memories of Two Live Jews, who at least were a parody.”
Gosh, we know we’re provincial and all, but we really liked it! Sure, if every single one of his raps kept drawing on every minorly Jewish-related item from the lexicon it would get tired, but as a single, it’s a well-referenced introduction to a new voice. We still love ya, SJ, but then again, we love everybody, don’t we?

T-Shirt of the Week: One Outta 72

user submitted pictureWe know we’re a day early, but we’re going mobile this week and knew y’all couldn’t go without your Jmerica fashion fix. From 7eventy-2wo, a Kabbalistic line of really expensive t-shirts depicting the 72 names of God. Emblazoned with “Celestial Protection,” this hand-crafted honey adorned with genu-wyne Swarovski crystals can be yours for a mere $230 on sale from Other divine appellations from the 7eventy-2wo site include “Immortality” (particularly cool with a skull and crossed swords) and “Abolish Evil” (branded over a bar code.)
These are in no way approved of or associated with the Kabbalah Centre, which probably ticks them off to no end.