Laugh Last, Laugh Best

cartoonJust when you thought you’d heard everything that’s come from Muhammed caricatures, Iranian overreaction and Holocaust denying, here comes the very first Israeli Anti-Semitic cartoon contest.

The idea that no one can rip us like we rip ourselves is somehow protective, I suppose. And I’m down with a little self-referential self-deprecation for irony’s sake, but the gallery shows that not so many Jews are skilled with an ironic twist of the ink. Out of 10 entries, only the one about Hitler, Ghandi and MLK has a tasty sardonic flavor.

The contest deadline is March 5 and is open to tribe members only. But how do the judges tell the difference between faux anti-Semitism and the real kind? Is there a Torah quiz upon submission?

4 thoughts on “Laugh Last, Laugh Best

  1. The one where Moses was given the “11th commandment” is the cleverest one. You should repost it for that fool who left you a comment a few posts back acusing us of ruling the media. What a prick… I think this cartoon contest is a great idea that show’s that we’re more self confident and “mature” than they are.

    Lead by example, if they still call for the our heads then they’re stuck in a 9th century mentality.

    We can poke fun at ourselves because we’re confident of who we are and we love our culture. Lets continue to spread tollerence and the crazed out wackos will have to cease after the moderate majority pressures them to.

  2. I heard the guy who started the contest interviewed on NPR. He said we have to laugh at ourselves; we have to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive. His contest has everyone talking and he shared some of the cartoons with us. Sick but funny…

  3. We have always made fun of ourselves. Healthy cultures do that. This is not fun but some kind of a wierd attempt at preemptive debasement. If it is meant to desensatize people to hate, forget about it. People love to hate too much. If it is meant to show the world that we don’t care about their drivel we’re lying. We have to care or what are we? Giving the haters ideas that may not yet have thought of seems pretty silly. The fact that Jews can come up with and publish such trash might suggest a deep seated self-loathing that has found a quasi-legitimate outlet.

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