?Oy Oy Oy Show? on Tour!

user submitted pictureOne of America?s premier MOT?s, Al Franken, is taking his successful national radio/TV show, The Al Franken Show, on the road. Broadcasting on both Air America Radio and on the Sundance Channel, Al mixes politics with humor in segments such as the ?Oy Oy Oy Show? (set to Israeli music) and his infamous ?Flipity-Flopity? routine. Franken has already beaten talk radio veteran Rush Limbaugh in the Arbitron ratings and hushed nay-sayers who assumed his style wouldn?t work on the airwaves. Together with co-host Katherine Lanpher, Al?s taking the country by storm and you heard it here first! (Click here for Tour Dates)

5 thoughts on “?Oy Oy Oy Show? on Tour!

  1. Rush got beat? It’s about time someone did it. What goes around comes around. I just hope this country doesnt end up as a “former” super-power the way things are going.

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