Your Dad Is So Jealous

bo derekYou may have heard that Bush’s new chief of staff, Josh Bolten is Jewish. (Dubya, who apparently gives nicknames to all his staffers, has dubbed him “Yosh.”)

Bolten posted a mezuzah on his White House office doorpost and is a confirmed bachelor and biker, leading some to speculate that he’s gay.

But he’s often seen with 80’s pin-up uber-shiksa Bo Derek, still a perfect 10 at almost 50.

Longtime environmental activist Bo (seen here with the cornrows that launched many thousands of mid-life crises) was recently named a special envoy to the secretary of state to help raise awareness about illegal wildlife trafficking (which surely has more to do with her commitment to the cause than her “friendship” with Bolten.)

Just thought all you single Jewish guys in your 50’s and 60’s still dreaming about taking Bo for a ride in your red Ferrari would like to know you still have a (very very slim) chance.

3 thoughts on “Your Dad Is So Jealous

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  2. A mezuzah in the white house? I imagined it but Its good to know someone is finally bringing G-d into that place, they need all the guidance they can get.

  3. Josh won’t be getting anywhere with Bo as Bo already has a bo – John Corban (DJ from Northern Exposure; also the Groom in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, starred in Serendipty and is now a country music singer. Keep wishin’ guys – chances are even slimmer!

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