Warhol: The Origin of Jewish Hipsterism?

warhol albertSomethingJewishUK reports that Andy Warhol’s “Jewish Geniuses” exhibit is on display at London’s National Portrait Gallery. Along with our pal Al here, the show includes paintings of Golda Meir, George Gershwin and the Marx Brothers.

The exhibit had its first showing in October of 1980 at the Jewish Museum of New York and was met with hostility by some critics: The New York Times wrote that it was “vulgar, it reeks of commercialism, and its contribution to art is nil.”

Perhaps — I’m no art critic and not particularly a Warhol fan. But maybe ol’ Andy was miles ahead (as he was wont to be) by delineating the specific notion of Jewish celebrity, thereby paving the way for the recent explosion of “ain’t it cool to be a Jew” media that’s giving more Jews than ever their 15 minutes. Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “Warhol: The Origin of Jewish Hipsterism?

  1. Andy Warhol grew up in a neighborhood near me & is also a native of Pittsburgh. He has always been removed from the eral world & in one of his own so you can’t take him too seriously.

    Remember the 70s & drugs used then? Warhol was on all of them & addicted to more than anyone could count. His addictions caused his work to become about and stem from these drugs rather than being about the content or artist.

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