She’s Got A Knife And She Knows How To Use It

For all of (two of) you who enjoyed my rant on who’s performing ritual circumcisions these days, you know that I have a uncharacteristically traditional preference for the Orthodox guy in the black hat.

female mohelHowever, after reading this article on female mohelim, I concede that having a lady perform a brit milah isn’t such a big deal, especially if the alternative is having the boy snipped unceremoniously in a hospital.

You may be wondering, But how it can this be kosher? After all, she doesn’t have a penis!

Well, it is — or it’s not not kosher, anyway. Of the two mentions of brit milah in the Torah, one was performed by our man Abraham, but the other? Moses’ wife Zipporah.

Guess it’s not a man’s world after all.

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