Sen. Allen’s Jew In The Closet

george allenThe Virginia incumbent proves there’s worse things than calling someone “macaca” on the campaign trail: Acting like someone sh*t on your shoe when a reporter asks if you’re mother is Jewish. Watch the video to see Allen freak out.

Today, Allen claims to now “embrace” his mother’s Jewish ancestry that he only recently learned about from “a magazine article” (presumably this one by The Forward’s E.J. Kessler.)

Notice he’s been placed in the “Jews in Politics” category; should we expect to see you in shul Friday night, Georgie?

3 thoughts on “Sen. Allen’s Jew In The Closet

  1. Yeah, he totally looked offended, but what is up with the crowd boo’ing and getting upset? Where is the offence in that question? If he’s using his grandfather’s persecution by the Nazi’s in his arguments he should make it clear if he was Jewish or not. Allen is bringing this into his debate so it’s safe to ask him to clear up the “gray areas” of the story.

    It wouldn’t have been an issue if he wouldn’t have brought it up. For us it’s great to know if people who had Holocaust survivors in their family are in the public arena helping to keep anti-semitism at bay. It would have been better to embrace any Jewish heritage, but I’m sorry to see that he got offended.

  2. I believe that the look in his face was him trying to figure out what to do.

    The reporter’s ambush was bad enough. It has come out that he was torn between trying to answer (and not look foolish) and a promise to his mother to not talk about it.

    I think it reflects well on him that he took his promise to his mother seriously, and it reflects badly on WUSA and the Washington Post for continuing to flog the story and for poking around and embarrassing and 83-year-old lady.

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