Perverted Priorities

user submitted pictureJpost editor and celebrity rabbi Shmuley Boteach weighs in on the sorry state of world affairs, starting off with Korea’s Kim Jong Il‘s rotten hostessing skills. He moves on to the persnickety rules of where the hair on an Orthodox Jewish woman’s wig should come from, a controversy that clogged the frum blogs when a few bored rabbis dictated that hair shouldn’t come from India since it may or may not have used in “idolatrous ceremonies” (what, a golden calf wore the wig first? With alligator shoes?)
Cranky Shmuley ends up blasting American Jews and calling Kabbalah poster woman Madonna “a slut”:
“You know your religion is up a creek when your people are facing mortal danger but your religious leaders are obsessed with Indian hair, and the most famous representative of your mystical tradition is simulating lesbian sex with scantily clad pregnant dancers.”
Oooh, sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of his newsfeeds this morning!

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