Like Your Bar Mitzvah Wasn’t Scary Enough Without a Camera Crew

The Forward reports that a reality TV show based on the lives of an as-yet-unchosen Jewish family is in the works. The producers are searching for frummers with “poysonality” who might be willing to break a rule or two for the sake of educating the public about Judaism and, of course, entertainment. This could quite hilarious, though there are some truly dysfunctional families out there who could give television watchers a skewed view of Jewish life.
“The Mazel Tov Chronicles” is set to begin filming in September and will be released for broadcast worldwide in April 2005. The series is expected to air in Canada on Channel M, and currently the producers are in talks with distributors in Australia and in the United States.
In the meantime, if we want madcap neurotic mishegoss we’ll just phone home.

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