Keeping Abreast of Trends…

cleavage-caddy-mainA few questions:

If an observant woman were to tuck her lip balm or say, an extra snack or even her baby’s binkie in a boobie purse on a Saturday, does that violate the law of shomer Shabbos?

Would it be kosher if she stayed within the eruv, but the lace was showing?

If I were to make a yarmulke version of this with a bunch of little pockets on the outside and call it the “Kepa Karrier,” would you buy one?

Would any of the Yenta’s rabbinically-inclined readers (if there ever were any) care to weigh in?

5 thoughts on “Keeping Abreast of Trends…

  1. My recollection from my yeshiva days is that if you carry something in a way that it’s not usual to carry things (aka k’lacher yad) such as your bra, it’s still prohibited, but only rabbinically prohibited, whereas carrying in a regular way is prohibited according to torah law (a more serious offense.)

    It does seem like it would *look* awful.

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