Foxman Gets Feisty With The Jesus Freaks, Muslims Back Him Up

abe foxmanNews Flash! The Christians are takin’ over! Never fear, Abe Foxman and the mighty Anti-Defamation League are on the scene! Full story.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Abe Foxman. Loooove him. He’s a true hero, no — a SUPER hero. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s just too much drama. Know what I’m sayin’, my comfy assimilated Jewish brothers and sisters?

Even more dramatic is the news that the Muslims love him too! Well, just until he turns his fierce kvetching powers on them tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Foxman Gets Feisty With The Jesus Freaks, Muslims Back Him Up

  1. The term “Jesus Feaks” is offensive. Why is it that jewish folks can insult christians with these kind of labels but if anything is said against the poor jews, even joking, one is labeled the dreaded anti-semite? The media has done a great job over the last few years in demonizing the christians and muslims but won’t touch the jews. Let’s respect each other please.

  2. My question is if Jesus were alive today would he have Jewish values/morals or would he have Christian values???? Although I have no idea if Jesus even existed, I do believe that he would follow Jewish values if he were here today. While the Southern Baptist Convention equates us (Jews) to a cancerous tumour, do they (SBC) include Jesus as a cancerous tumour??? By their idealogy Jesus was born, raised, and died a Jew. When did he convert to Christianity????????

  3. There are extremists in every religion. By no means should you define Christians by the SBC folks as no one should define Jewish folks by the Zion extremists. What Jewish values are you referring to? A lot of what is written in the Talmud is not what I would consider values that Jesus would follow. However, I’m sure there are wonderful values in the Jewish faith as there are in the Christian, Muslim, etc. Why would you try to say that Jewish values are somehow “better” than Christian values? Remember what Hitler did when he promoted the idea of a superior group of people.

  4. Al Sans, when one combines any word with “Freak,” it usually is a term that means someone who’s really wild about something: Car freak, tofu freak…

    Even the writer Anne Lamott refers to herself as a Jesus Freak. Lighten up, man.

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