David Bowie, Jewish?

david bowieSomeone with good intentions forwarded to me one of those “Look Who’s Jewish!” pep-talks to alert the world that our kind makes up an absurdly high percentage of Nobel prizewinners and movie producers, just in case any of us out there are feeling down about crap jobs/bank account blues/relationship woes. It’s published “as is” below for those of you with the curiosity and time to read it.

Frankly, these lists make me nervous; Isn’t that what the hate site cretins do? This one is longer than usual and full of questionable “facts” that almost sound like propaganda, essentially proving that Jews do control the world. (Please comment on what you know to be true or not; I haven’t the time to check out all of them.)

Anyway, I don’t want to hear about any more Jews making millions of dollars or curing diseases or directing humankind — it’s just too much pressure. All those successful Jews! How’s that supposed to make us mediocre Jews barely scraping by supposed to feel? It’s not enough we’re supposed to find compatible Jewish mates, pay through the tonsils to give our kids a Jewish education (not to mention continue our own) and keep at least eight of the Ten Commandments at any given time, but we’ve got to do something fantastic and spectacular in our careers besides? Man, it sucks being Chosen sometimes.

If there actually was an International Jewish Conspiracy (funny site, check it out), I damn sure wouldn’t be sitting here under a leaky roof in holey socks.


“1. Lillian Friedman married Cruz Rivera. They named their baby, Geraldo Miguel Rivera.( Funny, it doesn’t sound Jewish….) Since, according to Jewish law, anyone born to a Jewish mother is Jewish, Geraldo Rivera is Jewish. [Some of us have been told that his real name is “Jerry Rivers,” but Snopes.com says it ain’t so.]

2. Fiorella Laguardia’s mother’s name was Jacobson. His father was not Jewish. Laguardia spoke seven languages – including Hebrew and Yiddish – fluently.

3. Winston Churchill’s mother’s name was Jenny Jerome. [YENTA ASKS: Does anyone know how this is relevant?]

4. Cary Grant’s mother, Elsie, was Jewish. His father, Elias Leach, was not. Grant’s original name was Archibald Alexander Leach. (Robin Leach is his first cousin).

5. Peter Sellers’ mother, Margaret Marks, was Jewish. His father, Bill Sellers, was Protestant. Peter’s real name is Richard Henry Sellers.

6. David Bowie’s mother is Jewish, his father is not. One of Bowie’s album covers discusses his Jewish ancestry. His real name: David Stenton Haywood-Jones.

7. Robert DeNiro’s mother is Jewish; his father is not.

8. Shari Belafonte’s mother is Jewish. Her father, Harry, has a Jewish grandfather.

9. Olivia Newton-John’s Jewish grandfather was a Nobel Prize winning physicist.

10. Harrison Ford’s mother is Russian-Jewish, his father is Irish-Catholic.

Fact: The first theatre to be used solely for the showing of motion pictures was built by a Jew (Adolf Zukor).

Fact: The first full-length sound picture, The Jazz Singer was produced by the Jewish Samuel L. Goldwyn & Louis B. Mayer (MGM).

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Abraham Waksman) coined the term antibiotics.

Fact: A Polish Jew (Casimir Funk) who pioneered a new field of medical research gave us a word now common in our language – vitamins.

Fact: The first successful operation for appendicitis was performed by a Jew ish surgeon (Dr. Simon Baruch)

Fact: The doctor (Dr. Abraham Jacobi) hailed as America’s father of pediatrics was a Jew.

Fact: Until a Jewish doctor (Dr. Siccary) showed differently, Americans believed the tomato was poisonous.

Fact: Jewish Levi “Levi’s” Strauss (inventor of jeans) is the largest clothing retailer in the world.

Fact: In 1909, four Jews were among the 60 multi-cultural signers of the call to the National Action, which resulted in the creation of the NAACP.

Fact: A Jew (Emile Berliner) is the man who developed the modern-day phonograph. While Thomas Edison was working out a type of phonograph that used a cylinder as a record, Berliner invented a machine that would play a disc. The machine he patented was called the gramophone, and the famous RCA trademark is a picture of a dog listening to “his master’s voice” on Berliner’s device. The gramaphone was superior to Edison’s machine. In short, Emile Berliner made possible the modern record industry. His company was eventually absorbed by the Victor Talking Machine Company, now known as RCA.

Fact: Jewish Louis B. Mayer (MGM) created the idea for the Oscar.

Fact: European Jews are the founding fathers of all the Hollywood Studios.

Fact: Jews comprise a mere 1/4 of 1% (13 million) of the population (6 billion).

Fact: 99% of the world is non Jewish.

Fact: Three of greatest & most influential thinkers dominating the 20th century were Jewish – Einstein, Freud, Marx.

Fact: The most popular selling Christmas song (“White Christmas”) was written by a Jew (Irving Berlin)

Fact: Of the 660 Nobel prizes from 1901-1990, 160 have been won by Jews. In the end, Jews win more Nobel prizes than any other ethnicity. Simply because they win 40x more than should be expected of them, based upon their small population numbers.

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Jonas Salk) is the creator of the first Polio Vaccine. Fact: Jews (Hayam Solomon & Isaac Moses) are responsible for creating the first modern-banking institutions.

Fact: Jews also created the first department stores of the 19th century: The Altmans, Gimbels, Kaufmanns, Lazaruses, Magnins, Mays, Strausses became leaders of major department stores. Julius Rosenwald revolutionized the way Americans purchased goods by improving Sears Roebuck’s mail order merchandising. Hart, Schaffner, Marx, Kuppenheimer and Levi Strauss became household names in mens’ clothing. (Let’s not forget EJ Korvets – Eight Jewish Korean (war) Veterans.)

Fact: Jewish Marc Chagall (born Segal, Russia) is one of the great 20th century painters.

Fact: English-Jewish financiers such as Isaac Goldsmid, Nathan Rothschild, David Salomons, and Moses Montefiore, whose fortunes helped England become an empire.

Fact: In 1918, Detroit, a Jew (Max Goldberg) opened the “first” commercial parking lot.

Fact: In 1910, a Jew (Louis Blaustein) and his son opened the “first” gas station, eventually founding AMOCO OIL. One of the richest oil families in the world.

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Albert Sabin) developed the first “oral polio vaccine.”

Fact: A Jew (Steven Spielberg) is the most successful filmmaker since the advent of film.

Fact: A Jewish poet’s (Emma Lazarus) famous poem, ..”give me your tired…your poor…your huddled masses,” appears as the inscription on the Statue Of Liberty.

Fact: Jewish Harry Houdini (Weiss) is the father of Magic/Illusion.

Fact: Dr. Sigmund Freud (Jew) is the father of psychiatry.

Fact: Jewish Abraham is the father of the world’s 3 major religions: Judaism, Christianity & Islam (ancestors of the Hebrew & Arabic peoples). Jesus (formerly known as “sweet Jewish Jesus”) is still worshipped by billions.

Fact: Jews are the oldest of any people on earth still around with their national identity and cultural heritage intact.

Fact: George & Ira Gershwin & Irving Berlin (Jews) are three of the most prolific composers of the 20th century Fact: Isadore & Nathan Straus (Jews) – “Abraham & Straus,” eventually became sole owners of Macy’s (world’s largest department store) in 1896.

Fact: Dr. Paul “magic bullet” Ehrlich (Jew) -physician, Nobel Prize in 1908 for curing syphilis.

Fact: Armand Hammer (Jew) – “Arm & Hammer,” physician & businessman who originated the largest trade between U.S. and Russia.

Fact: Louis Santanel (Jew) was the financier who provided the funds for Columbus’ voyage to America.

Fact: Sherry Lansing (Jew) of Paramount Pictures, became the first woman president of a major Hollywood studio.

Fact: Flo Zigfield (Jew) of “Zigfield Follies,” is the creator of American burlesque.

Fact: Jews were the brains behind the Confederacy: Maj. Adolph Proskauer led the unit at Gettysburg. Judah P. Benjamin held 4 cabinet positions: Attorney General, February 25 to September 17, 1861; Secretary of War, September 17, 1861, to March 18, 1862; acting Secretary of War, March 18 to 23, 1862; Secretary of State, March 18, 1862, until the end of the war) and was referred to as “the brains of the confederacy.” Rabbi Max Michelbacher was a confidant and spiritual advisor to General Robert E. Lee. A great many Jews fought for the Confederacy, and the overwhelming were recent immigrants from Germany & East Europe who felt they were fighting for Democracy. They fought far out of proportion to their numbers.”

32 thoughts on “David Bowie, Jewish?

  1. Never heard the part of the Confederacy but the part where “Americans believed the tomato was poisonous” sounds wacky as well. Everything else was expected of us, if not more! Hope all the good facts are true, if so thanks for posting some great reference material. Next time I get into arguments with gentiles I’ll look these up.

    • Judah P Benjamin was a direct ancestor (of mine); stationed in New Orleans and best friend of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Benjamin was educated in ivy league schools up north. After the war, while most Confederate officers served prison time, Benjamin escaped to France.

  2. Speaking of Bowie, all fans need to listen to the Portuguese version of his hits recorded by the Brazilian actor (Seu Jorge) who played the guitar in the Life Aquatic movie. Even Bowie was quoted as saying that those acoustic recordings of “Changes”, “Rebel Rebel”, “Star Man”, are simply beautiful. I agree. You guys are doing a great job especially when Bowie is blogged.


  3. David Bowies mother is Irish not Jewish. Her name is Margaret Burns and she is currently residing in a plush nursing home in England.

    • David Bowie’s mother is neither Irish or Jewish. Her name was Burns of a family traceable to Workington in Cumberland. Her mother’s family name was Heaton – another English name, as were apparently all the families the Burns ancestors married into. A number of biographies mention Irish ancestry, but do not give any evidence or provide detail. The Jewish bit is presumably because Bowie had a half brother whose father was a Rosenberg. Bowie’s father, Haywood Stenton Jones,was of Yorkshire birth and ancestry. David Bowie appears therefore to be of wholly English ancestry.

  4. I heard Robert DeNiro say in an interview that he was 1/2 Italian+1/2 Irish. Although there are Irish Jews, most are Christian.
    Elvis Presley was Jewish. In the book Elvis and Gladys(his mother) it spoke about his Jewish great-grandmother who had a daughter-Jewish-who had a daughter-Jewish-Gladys Presley
    who had a
    son-Jewish-Elvis Presley. Lisa Marie,unless she converted or Priscilla is Jewish,is not Jewish.Goldie Hawn is Jewish-mother Jewish.

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  6. My cousin sent me this list and I did a little research on the ones in question, like Eisenhower, the confederacy, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and the ONLY sites confirming these anomalies are anti-Semitic sites. So there you go.

  7. Okay… David Bowie is NOT Jewish! His Mother was born Irish-Catholic! Elvis was not born to a Jewish Mother! She was NOT Jewish at all!!! Elvis was NOT Born Jewish! Shalom! 🙂

  8. With regard to Cary Grant’s mother being Jewish. She was not. Like his father she came from an English west country family although, unlike him, she also had Welsh antecedents through her mother [Morgan] and paternal grandmother [Hughes].

  9. Shari Belafonte’s mother was not Jewish. While after Shari Belafonte was born her father, Harry Belafonte, married a Jewish woman that has no impact on Shari Belafonte’s religion. Her step-sister, born of Harry Belafonte’s Jewish wife, is Jewish.

    Some confusion because in her Playboy layout Shari Belafonte wears a “chai”, a Jewish symbol for life but the mere wearing of the chai as an amulet has no religious significance

  10. “Fact: Jews were the brains behind the Confederacy: Maj. Adolph Proskauer led the unit at Gettysburg. Judah P. Benjamin held 4 cabinet positions: Attorney General, February 25 to September 17, 1861; Secretary of War, September 17, 1861, to March 18, 1862; acting Secretary of War, March 18 to 23, 1862; Secretary of State, March 18, 1862, until the end of the war) and was referred to as “the brains of the confederacy.” Rabbi Max Michelbacher was a confidant and spiritual advisor to General Robert E. Lee. A great many Jews fought for the Confederacy, and the overwhelming were recent immigrants from Germany & East Europe who felt they were fighting for Democracy. They fought far out of proportion to their numbers.” SO JEWS WANTED TO KEEP AFRICAN AMERICANS AS SLAVES!!! SO WHY ARE YOU BLAMING GENTILES!!! JEWS ARE THE REAL RACISTS!!!

    • Yes, Silk, those facts and names are part of history, though it’s an awfully large leap to say anyone on this site is “blaming Gentiles” for slavery. Assuming that “the Jews” had some kind of organized strategy to preserve slavery smacks of “Protocols of Zion” bullcrap. Also, by generalizing that “Jews are the real racists,” isn’t that by very definition racist? I am not racist. I live in the South among all kinds of different people and speak out against injustice for a living as a newspaper columnist. Glad you found my site, but your accusations are unfounded and don’t belong here.

    • Jews fought on both sides of the Civil War. But it is a general sociological rule that all minority groups are held collectively responsible for the actions of their individual members. Be they Jews, people of color, women, etc. Minority groups are always held to a different standard than the default group. While the majority is not. Christians, or whites, or men, on the other hand, don’t have to feel as a group, a collective shame or responsibility for the confederacy. Jews are “like everyone else, only more so.” Except they’re not. They’re Jews and Jews are not allowed to behave badly the way Christians, whites and men have behaved badly. While these bigots gleefully point out Jews fighting for the Confederacy, they will at the same time, refuse to acknowledge that they fought for the North as well, or will not acknowledge Jewish over representation in fighting along with many black leaders in the Civil Rights movement against the deplorable treatment by white Christian racists. Jews felt a kinship with African-American suffering, and recognized white supremacy as the twin of anti-Semitism. There was a political bond between the two peoples in their quest for equal opportunity and an end to hateful discrimination and exclusion. This bond, and the social progress it achieved, helped cultivate an abiding progressive sensibility among Jews that has withstood challenges from the right for more than half a century.

      A civil rights campaign that embodied that sensibility like no other was Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964, which brought more than seven hundred northern college students to one of the South’s most savage zones of racist violence, voter repression, and enforced black poverty. At least a third of the young white people who joined the campaign were Jews — and two of them, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, were murdered along with CORE activist James Chaney by Mississippi Ku Klux Klansmen on its very first day. The Freedom Summer campaign was embraced widely by Jews up north as a “Let My People Go” cause, and young Jewish volunteers from both secular and synagogue backgrounds received moral support — laced with fear, of course — from their Jewish elders and communities.

      And those who accuse Jews of being more racist than whites also refuse to acknowledge Jewish over representation in the fields of law, science, medicine, education, music etc. All they will see is corrupt Jewish Wall Street bankers or in this case, some who fought for the Confederacy. And make no mistake, but unlike a lot of white people, Jews in the Confederate army and government were and remain an embarrassment for the Jewish people!

  11. See there you go again, See blaming the gentiles when the Jews were jujst as much as responsible for keeping slaves in south. See kathy you’re saying that Jews are better than anyone! (Especially whites!) So Jews have never ever in the histroy of the world ever behaved badly… Well Gee, you’re just better than everyone aren’t you?

    • You didn’t read a word I said. Yes, Jews fought for the confederacy but Jews are NOT just as much responsible. White Christians are the power structure. They control most everything. They are the most powerful group in the social hierarchy with an excessive and unjust privilege and exploitation of the rest of society. They established the system of slavery in this country and set up the laws. Not Jews. WASPS have a better quality of life than those that are not of their tribe and if Jews achieve success, and rise above their designated position as a “court Jew”, they do so DESPITE their persecution.

  12. Yeah and as for over represenation, because you reprsent all these said fields such as science, law, etc, it’s no wonder you think that gentiles are stupid, because you don’t give us a a chance to be. You don’t give gentiles an opportunity and that’s why you think you’re better than everyone else. Yenta that’s all I have to say. I won’t comment anymore, cause I know you’ll just stick to your beliefs and I’ll just stick to mine. We just have to agree to disagree. But basically, I’m not gonna write or fight with you anymore.
    See ya!

    • We don’t give you gentiles an opportunity? That’s rich. We don’t control gentiles’ grades, their test scores that allows them to succeed, or prevent them from practicing law or medicine, or creating music. We don’t have the power to deny Christians entrance into universities, or huge mega Anglo Saxon corporations, even though that’s what they did to us up until recently. Only Whites. Only Christians. Only White Anglo Saxon Protestants were allowed entrance. Yes, the Jews broke down those barriers, as the Asians are trying to do now, where there is discrimination against them. They’re the new Jews.

  13. Just one more thing, I promise. You say you (Jews) don’t control the world yet (kazy says) Jews over represent every field if you don’t call that control and have at least an influence and say of what goes on when and where, etc, (the basic meaning of control basically) how can you say that Jews don’t control the world when they clearly. See you’re hypocrites, you say one thing and do another. Over representation means control for the Jews in those said fields. Okay, sorry. Good luck, and good-bye.

    • Over representation is not control. It just means a disproportionate large number compared to its population. And considering Jews make up only 0.2% of the population, how can that be control, especially since non-Jews, i.e. WASPS consist of leaders in international business, finance and the war industry. These are the people that have the power and control because their vast wealth allows them to affect cultural and political changes without exposing themselves to public opinion…they are a global overclass and they are the power brokers. They are not Jews. They’re WASPS.

  14. Sorry, I know I said one more thing, but basically what you’re saying kazy is that all white people, Christians, Gentiles, Goyim, Methodists, Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, what have you… basically people who believe in Jesus Christ or are just white people and don’t believe in anything are evil and rotten to the core!!! And Jewish people have never done anything bad, ever in their whole existence? I have read what you said, but you haven’t read what I said. I don’t mean to cause trouble, I don’t want to. I just want to know why white people are being suppresed more than ever. Not being controversial just want to understand. That the Jewish race is in control of the world says it’s not, when it really is. Sorry kazy and so sorry Yenta for making your peaceful website a argument. So basically kazy what you’re saying is white people are bad and jews are not. Look kazy I’m a left-wing anarchist and I shouldn’t be. My parents were born in Latvia and had to escape from the Soviets when they took over and started killing people. But now that my parents live in a western country now, they are pro-worker, pro-environment, anti-sexist, etc, etc, basically what I’m trying to say is please convince me why the white race is evil?
    When white people like my parents were going to be persecuted and/or killed in their own country? Sorry Yenta, and sorry to all your Jewish friends. Why can’t we find common ground and soon?

    • Can you please direct me to where I ever said that white Christians were evil? Where did I say they were rotten to the core? I never said that. You sound like you have a persecution complex. What I said was WASPS were the ruling class, they are the power brokers. I never even said they were evil. I merely pointed out to you that it is they who have far more power and control and far more wealth than the Jews. And you extrapolated from that, that I said all white people are rotten to the core and Jewish people never did anything wrong and only Christians are bad? Huh? You can make someone’s head spin. Point me to where I wrote that? You can’t because I didn’t. You’re projecting your own beliefs into what I said. But I don’t believe nor did I write what you’re accusing me of. I’m thinking maybe you believe in your heart that Christians are bad and that Jews have never done anything wrong. Which, of course, is absurd.

      Your comments seem to be from someone who fears Jewish people along with completely misunderstanding their standing in society. You know nothing about their history which is apparent from your comments. You take offense when I state that Europe brutally murdered millions of Jews throughout their 2000 yr history that they were living there, and instead of admiring them for their accomplishments that has bettered humanity, despite the fact that they have been persecuted, you accuse them of ruling and controlling the world and suppressing white people (what a mind blowing statement that is-that’s what the Nazis believed) without understanding why they prevailed. Not through being in league with the Devil, not through nefarious financial means, or by drinking Christian children’s blood, or superior genetics, but simply because, while most of Europe remained illiterate or semi-illiterate, Jews came from a literate culture that has encouraged skills of reading and writing for at least 2500 years EVEN for the poorest amongst them. Literacy and its democratization into the lowest economic sectors over centuries has virtually guaranteed that a major portion of Jews would be ‘successful’ in some venue or other be it commerce, intellect, the arts and literature. How could it be otherwise?

      Contemporary political, social, clerical, economic and educational commentators are forever touting the advantages of literacy, sobriety and family in aiding individual and communities in their rise out of poverty and toxic social environments. These applied to Jews, however, have been a source of great envy and stereotypical images of the “clever, conspiring Jew” that have stoked antisemitism throughout the ages, especially in Christian (and long illiterate) Europe. How dare Jews require the education of even the poorest amongst them! That’s something the religious and feudal leaders of Europe wouldn’t even consider. The more illiterate the population is, the easier to lead and control (what Thomas Jefferson warned against and why he saw the early Hebrews as one of the great founts of democracy).

  15. KAZY and YENTA??? 1,900 Palestinians have died… Israel and YOU JEWS are perfect, huh? Hahaha… I have to laugh, you Jews are killing my felllow human beings!!!

    • Can you please point me to where I said Jews and Israel are perfect? And why do you insist on lumping Israel in with Jews? Do you blame Christians for American national policy or Catholics for the terrible things France or Italy have done? That’s where the underlying antisemitic anti-Israelism always comes in.There are many Jews opposed to Israeli NATIONAL policy. You think Israel thinks it’s so all-mighty powerful. Few consider the radical mental and emotional strain of being the size of New Jersey, surrounded by a giant sea of Arab League lands, most of which have been determined to end your existence for most of your existence. Yes, Israel has killed thousands of Palestinians but I oppose any person or movement that singles out only Israel of all the world’s nations for its bad behaviors, when so many nations murder far greater numbers of civilians on a regular basis. Where is there outrage, their boycotts? I don’t see any. Only against Israel.

  16. Unfortunately for most people who lack understanding about David Bowie he always said he was a buddhist adherent. Buddhists do not deride any religion. His older 1/2 brother was abandoned by a jewish man who had an affair with. Peggy burns who was Irish catholic. His father had an affair on his first wife and he has an older half sibling from that affair. David Bowie is 100 percent English it by descent. Why people who are Jewish choose to think he is Jewish is a put off and again Jewish people should be more honest. David Bowie did get involved heavily with drugs. He has in interviews said his personal assistant was the one who moved him to Berlin and help get him clean. I never followed him as a fan. But yes I know him and some of his friends. They range in ethnicity , race and religion. For Jews to claim him as artistically a brilliant Jew then you should remember that it was when he was involved in the so called kaballah and occult was during extremely heavy drug use which also developed into this so called fascist thin white duke thing and right after that is his Berlin move. I think the drug escalation was due to his personal relationships with his first wife and his then manager. The spiritual questioning was out of his Buddhist religion concerning his samsara or dysfunctional past. I don’t think he found the answers at all. Per his beliefs he is stuck in samsara.

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