Daddy, I’m a Woman Now: Buy Me A Gansta Rap Star!

amber's bat mitzvahThis is Amber Ridinger. Her extremely rich, ethics-deficient parents spent half a million dollars on her bat mitzvah party, which included the cost of hiring hip hop stars Ja Rule and Ashanti, who most likely had to be briefed on what a bat mitzvah actually is. (Amber herself was probably reminded repeatly by some well-meaning relative, but her bling was jangling too loudly.)

It was, in fact, Ja’s first brush with Jewish coming-of-age ceremonies. “I’m Uncle Ja,” he said, with his arm wrapped around a beaming Amber. “I’m really here just to scare all the little boys, the little 13-year-old bad boys that try to hit on little Amber. That’s why I’m here.”

That well-meaning relative definitely had a heart attack at that one.

The party also included a fashion show featuring Amber’s own designs. If they looked anything like what the little princess is wearing in this photo, there’s a post on GoFugYourself in her future!

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from heiress Amber in the coming years when her parents finance her perfume line and try to keep her night vision sex tape out of the tabloids. Mazel tov, girl!

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11 thoughts on “Daddy, I’m a Woman Now: Buy Me A Gansta Rap Star!

  1. Disgusting. I think for her next birthday, her parents should send her to the Sudan for a week so she can learn how many lives the money she wasted on second rate rap stars could have saved.

  2. i think that amber is a spoiled brat. who buys a 27,000 dress that she wore for her bat mitzvah.A. she is not a jew. B. she didnt even get batmitzvahed she just had a friday knight candel light

  3. I go 2 Amber’s school 2
    No1 likes her
    shes an ugly brat and has 0 friends
    so she had a party and tried 2 bribe kids to like her

  4. why is it that americans think that all english people are posh. we’re not really. some of us are from up north. yeeyah

  5. I go to Amber’s school, too, and although I don’t know her, she seems nice enough. Sure she has a million dollar yacht that’s three times as big as my house, sure she throws bat mitzvahs for herself when she’s not even a Jew, but she’s not a stuck-up beast like most would think. So I’d think twice before you go on talking about her- it’s not she that paid for the bat mitzvah, it was her parents.

  6. 500,000 dollars isn’t anything, have you heard about the girl, something Brooks, who got a 10 MILLION DOLLAR!!!!!!!! bat mitzvah

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