John Leguizamo, Jewish Intellectual By Osmosis

user submitted pictureLatino superstar John Leguizamo (who did a turn as one of our favorite on-screen trannies ever) gives an interview for where he discusses how he and his Jewish wife have swapped stereotypical qualities:
She likes to go to bars and hang out with friends constantly. And a lot of times I like to be alone, hang out with my music, read a book. So that would be more my Jewish intellectual side, being alone, and her loving to be a party girl, going up there and rocking the parties and stuff.
They say married couples begin to look alike after awhile, but cultural cross-dressing? Very progressive.

Mas De Nuestras Hermanos Mexicanos

user submitted pictureApparently, history’s hot new trend is the study of the crypto-Jews, Spanish Jews forced to convert under the Inquisition in the 15th century who practiced secretly even after immigrating to Mexico and other Latin countries. Word on the street that Marcia Fine‘s new novel centers around this group and their bravery as they kept the faith.
The world will soon know even more about the Jewish-Latin experience after Arizona State University’s Jewish Studies Program sent a delegation to Mexico City and Guadalajara this month, part of ASU’s effort to “build links with Mexican colleges and make ASU a center for the study of Latin America’s Jews.”
“We think this can be a specialty for us,” said Jack Kugelmass, director of the Jewish studies program. “The university’s already very strong in Latin American studies, and so this is a perfect niche.”
Growing up in Arizona means we’re already used to our Jewishness with a side of jalepe?os, but we definitely dig that it’s going to be full-blown college major.

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