Back in Black With Buckets O’ Rain

floodThe Yenta’s back, wearing my favorite AC/DC t-shirt, crankin’ Bob Dylan and ready to rock the latest in Hebrew news. But first, the weather.

Due to massive storms and subsequent flooding, mudslides and tragic destruction of many homes and businesses in Northern California in general and my small town in particular last weekend, I’ve gotten an up close look at what Mama Nature can do with wind and water. My family got off easy; though the house was surrounded by water for several hours on Saturday, our possessions and DSL line remained intact. Even the cat showed up after a scare that the two-foot mud wave trapped her in the crawl space.

Many of my neighbors were not so blessed. Deepest condolences to those who have lost lives, property, pets and income.

It’s been a beautiful thing to watch folks come down from the hills to help clean up; though this isn’t a particularly Jewish community, tikkun olam is happening right outside my front door. Neighbors are helping each other shovel out doorways, pack sandbags and rebuild fences, even in the face of more rain.

Yes, that’s right — it’s still coming down for like, the 20th day in a row, so if the next week’s posts feel moist, or worse, moldy, blame it on the rain. (Yo, Blogreader: KMA.)

One thought on “Back in Black With Buckets O’ Rain

  1. Glad to have you back Yenta! You were missed and thankfully the floods didn’t do their worse on ya. Mother Nature was crazy in 2005 and 2006 started off on the same foot. Lets all brace for whatever she throws our way.

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